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05SERENO.IT Ski Resort Solutions Mission statement:
Provide special and customized services for the 21st century ski industry through a world wide professional ski industry expert team.
Consulting services provided by our experienced team will allow the project manager to analyse and review feasibilities, costs and goals.
Our partners are professional figures with a huge passion for the winter sports world and long personal paths inside the winter sport tourism industry.


08Since the 80's winter tourism began a long and irreversible mutation:
. Weather change
. Expansion of low cost transportation companies
. Growing communication technology
Today, a Modern Winter Sport Resort must transform itself from a simple ski area to a highly specialized tourist-oriented Resort well aware of the public needs and perfectly attuned to the socio-geographical environment.

Ski Resort Solutions

04The winter sport world is, for the general public, a desirable necessity;
despite the economical “moment” the ski resort world is still increasing visitors and guests.
Competition is growing; nowadays guests are more informed and more demanding.
Resorts are investing more in services, communication and details.

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