Consulting & Projects


Modern ski resorts are a complex and fast-evolving business. The snow sport world is competitive, and in the past has been dominated by a small group of local figures.
We believe that doesn’t need to be the case anymore. The industry has globalized, so why shouldn’t resort owners take advantage of new resources?

Smaller scale resorts often find themselves at an economic disadvantage. Whether it’s a lack ofcapital or an inability to replace equipment effectively, can offer solutions. By selling used machinery, we offer customers access to affordable options with a level of customer service that goes above and beyond.

We provide exactly what a single person or company cannot; a network of people that can solve the majority of issues faced by ski resorts everywhere. Our years of experience in the industry have afforded us access to the best contractors in the business.

We don’t just sell used machinery, we deliver a complete customer experience.
Services we offer:

  • Complete handling of logistical issues (movement of equipment etc.)
  • Economic evaluations
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Installation of equipment
  • Project management services
  • Site supervision